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Vasolife Healthcare is one of the top 10 pharmaceutical company in Chandigarh offering Third Party Manufacturing / Contract Manufacturing services. It has its own manufacturing unit in Nalagarh near Baddi (Himachal Pradesh)  to ensure superior quality of products and better control on manufacturing parameters. Vasolife Healthcare is one of the top third-party manufacturing pharma company in Chandigarh , India. Vasolife Healthcare  has the best machines and high tech methods to manufacture superior quality pharmaceutical range of medicines.  It follows the GMP and WHO guidelines to ensure high grade medicines for all its customers throughout the nation.

Vasolife Healthcare is having its expertise in manufacturing of top quality formulations which are very effective. Vasolife Healthcare can produce medicines including tablets, syrups, capsules, injections, creams, ointments, powders and many more healthcare products.


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Contract Manufacturing  Company | Vasolife Healthcare

It is a pharma company which is driven by technology. Vasolife is focused on manufacturing APIs who are responsible for quick response action and highly successful in healing the patients. Vasolife has a very well qualified staff who are having good level of experience in the pharma sector.  Besides all this, the team is also well aware of the regulatory and legal policies and makes the pharma products qualify for all the quality guidelines.

Vasolife Healthcare is having associated manufacturing units which are ISO certified, also they have GMP / WHO certifications. Vasolife Healthcare is having machinery and technology to cater the need of large-scale manufacturing within tight deadlines.


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