cardio-diabetic product range for pcd

Own Manufacturing Unit

Vaslife healthcare is one of the top PCD Pharma and third party contract manufacturing pharmaceutical company in Chandigarh. Vasolife Healthcare is ex-cogitate to ensure a progress in  modern healthcare industry and services to the healthcare segment.

Vasolife is having a serious commitment for manufacturing and supplying / distribution of wold class medicines to be used for healing through enormous life threatening illness and other poor conditions. Vasolife healthcare is offering high quality cardiac  dietetic products and other medicines at very competitive price to its business associates to ensure the products are easily accessible and affordable to the market.

Own Manufacturing Unit

Vasolife Healthcare is focused on to look for excellence in pharma marketing of a large number of Cardio Diabetic and other important and specialised ranges of pharmaceutical products.  It has its inclination towards a better health and quality life of society.

Vasolife Healthcare has modern and very advanced machinery to manufacture a wide range of products which are as per GMP guidelines.  Vasolife haealthcare is having its own manufacturing unit is located in Nalagarh near Baddi, Himachal Pradesh to ensure delivery of superior products through better quality control on its ingredients and the manfuacturing processes. Vasolife Healthcare has a specialised team of quality inspectors who are having the responsibility of ensuring tough and very strict monotiring guidelines throughout the compete manufacturing process from ingreditents to the final dispatch at the customer premises,


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