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THIRD PARTY MANUFACTURER – Vasolife Healthcare, Chandigarh

Vasolife Healthcare is a major pharmaceutical foundation that was established by a lot of hard work and commitment. Because our organisation believes in India’s health, we’ve expanded our services to , offering over 550 medications in a variety of therapeutic categories and dosage forms.As one of India’s leading pharma makers, we believe it is our
responsibility to provide the purest and safest medicines available. We’re expanding our position in India’s pharmaceutical business to make healthcare more affordable.

Vasolife Healthcare is the world’s fastest-growing pharmaceutical franchise, developing, manufacturing, and commercialising medications to treat people with critical or life-threatening medical illnesses. With various pharma products on the market and a strong growth pipeline, we are one of India’s top pharma firms. We are top Third Party Manufacturer in Chandigarh,

We, at Vasolife Healthcare, fill lives with our injections, capsules, dry syrups, protein powder & sachets, tablets, and other designed items.
Vasolife Healthcare, as one of the top life sciences firms, offers a diverse range of pharmaceutical solutions and services aimed at enhancing patient well-being.

Range of Quality Promises Products for Health Care
Vasolife Healthcare employs systematic interventions to ensure that the company’s quality requirements are continuously met or exceeded. Consistent collaboration, we feel, is the key to enhancing the company’s work.
Every step of our operations, including sourcing, production, transport, and safe product disposal, is inspected for drug quality. Our production process is organised and methodical, allowing us to establish an atmosphere in which the product being made fulfils the consumer’s quality expectations.
With excellent inventive and accurate technology, our firm is remarkable, and no one can match our quality.
To update and maintain outstanding pharmaceutical quality, we take every measure from the finest substance testing office to the quality assurance group.
Our organisation has worked hard to provide the greatest possible selection of enticing, constrained, pure, and effective drugs.
Our quality assurance team ensures that only the highest quality is delivered to the client. This has inspired us to overcome our doubts.

Our Purpose

Our objective is to explore and develop new medical possibilities for improving people’s health by providing high-quality care. We strive to deliver our dependable service in the industry by achieving 100% client satisfaction. Our organisation is in responsibility of ensuring that people’s health is maintained. Vasolife Healthcare is a top Indian pharmaceutical firm in terms of manufacturing quality, innovation, formulation, marketing, and commercial expansion outside the country’s borders to become a global leader.

Our Goals

Our mission is to become a premier pharmaceutical firm by producing high- quality, cost-effective medications to help people live better lives. We see ourselves as a well-respected pharmaceutical marketing organisation that will continue to expand by developing new technologies, updating our knowledge, and adhering to high ethical business practises that will benefit society as a whole.

Our Worth

In order to achieve corporate success, we strive for ethics, fairness, honesty, and openness. At the end of each day, we want to be proud of not just the accomplishments we’ve made, but also the fact that we’ve been able to provide better healthcare today.


  • Cardiovascular drugs
  • Anti-diabetic drugs
  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Syrups
  • Powders
  • Gels

In Chandigarh, there is a third-party pharmaceutical manufacturing company.

Vasolife Healthcare is the leading ISO Accredited Third-Party Pharma Production Company in Chandigarh, producing a wide range of products in certified manufacturing facilities. As a certified third-party pharma manufacturer, we provide the finest third-party pharma manufacturing services in Chandigarh for the benefit of consumers.
To meet all of our customers’ needs, we provide unique and inventive packaging and packing material design.
One of our most notable and well recognised traits is that our organisation employs specialists that assist us in providing the finest Third Party Manufacturing services in Chandigarh.

Our years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry have earned us respect both at home and abroad, and has helped us retain clients who appreciate our value-added services. In Chandigarh, we at Vasolife Healthcare provide a wide range of Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Services.

Aside from that, we provide a wide range of pharmaceutical medications. Along with the construction of MDC’s own business line, contract manufacturing of capsules, tablets, injections, is tried.

Quality Assurance is a good technique that any pharmaceutical third-party manufacturing firm in Chandigarh should use.

If the highest level of quality assurance is achieved, we will be able to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. All of the medications that we organise in our organisation are thoroughly inspected by several  quality divisions before being sent to the final market.

Grace Life Science provides 100 percent quality assurance for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

As the leading third-party pharma manufacturing firm in Chandigarh, we guarantee our clients’ satisfaction. To fulfil the quality specifications of the created goods, we, as a top pharma producer, rigorously follow the quality standards rules.
Our first goal is product quality since it is linked to the health of our customers.
Our production team works relentlessly to meet the needs of our customers by providing a high-quality selection at affordable prices.
We recognise the importance of money, thus we provide our customers with the finest third manufacturing services in Chandigarh.

We conduct numerous main processes, including:

screening the product multiple times under tight screening standards.
From medicine manufacture through packing, the quality management staff closely monitors each step.
Our organisation meticulously examines the pH value, side effects, efficacy, freshness, and purity, among other things.

Reasons to Work with Us in Chandigarh for Third-Party Manufacturing

Vasolife Healthcare is a renowned pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Chandigarh, providing high-quality pharmaceuticals in GMP-WHO-certified  facilities. In PAN India, we have more than 10,000 colleagues associated with us. We create items in quantity, which helps your company save money on labour and manufacturing costs.

The following are some of our company’s best features:

High-Tech Equipment

We have various production units for each medicine segment that have been authorised by international authorities. Furthermore, the factories are outfitted with cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge gear to guarantee the finest third-party pharma manufacturing in Chandigarh.

Effective Services

As a leading third-party pharmaceuticals manufacturer in Chandigarh, we provide operational services including on-time delivery, product sales,  and marketing for your company. By enlisting our assistance, you will have more time to consider how to improve your company’s marketing strategy and generate new ideas.

Grow Your Business on a Shoestring Budget

We provide you the option to expand your business on a shoestring budget. We make certain that we provide the greatest goods to our consumers in order to assist them in launching a successful business.

On-Time & Safe Delivery

Because we all understand the value of time in the pharmaceutical sector, we have partnered with India’s greatest logistics firm, which is highly responsible and serious about delivering items on time. All of the medications are carefully sanitised before being securely delivered to your location.


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